Tuesday, April 17, 2012

.The Patagonian Cavy

The Patagonian cavy is the third largest rodent in the world. Its hind legs are slightly bigger then the front. The Patagonian cavy has a grayish brown coat. The cavy's hair is very fine and soft. The Patagonian cavy's feet have three toes in the front, and two toes in the back. The Patagonian cavy prefers grasslands with space. The Patagonian cavy walks normal on all four feet, and can hop like a rabbit. If they get scared they can jump six feet in the air, and run up to thirty five miles per hour. The cavys travel in pairs. The male will be behind the female so other predators, or other cavys wont mess with her. The Patagonian cavy breeds two, or three times in one year. The cavys can have two or three babies in one litter. Cavys put all the new born babies in one den, and all the mothers take turns loving on their babies. Cavys find their babies by smell and will run off the other babies.